Shopfront Systems


Entraway Entrance Technologies specialises in Aluminium and Glass Shopfronts with Door Automation

If you are planning an entrance for a new project or just wanting to create a new entrance for your building, Entraway has the correct solutions for you. We provide the highest quality shopfront work designed to your own requirements.

We provide you with a tailor made solution. each entrance is designed an manufactured at our factory. It is then tested before installation begins.

In many instances Entraway can even convert an existing compatible shopfront to suit an automatic door operator. One of entraway's specialists will have to inspect the entrance before providing a quotation.

Products Supplied:

  • Single Sliding Doors (Manual or Automatic)
  • Double Bi-Parting Sliding Doors (Manual or Automatic)
  • Single Swing Doors (Manual or Automatic)
  • Double Swing Doors (Manual or Automatic)
  • Revolving Door Systems (Manual or Automatic)