Actuation Devices

Automatic doors can be connected to numerous actuation devices. These devices are required by the door operator and essentially these devices control wether the door must open, close, slow down or stop. Some sensors are intelligent and can detect traffic moving towards or away from the door and go so far as even being able to distinguish different objects on the ground.

Types of actuation devices include:

Activation radars
Safety Beams
Combined radar and safety curtains
Push buttons
Elbow switches
No touch sensors
Kick switches
Key switches
Remote control receivers and transmitters
Pressure mats

Safety sensors are extremely important to any automatic door and should be used in every installation. Safety sensors are used to stop the door from opening or closing onto people that may be in the vicinity of the door movement.

These sensors are usually also monitored by the operators controller, telling the operator to stop operation even if the safety device has malfunctioned.

Entraway can supply and install all these types of sensors, please enquire with us on what devices would best suit the installation.