Automatic Doors

Door Automation
If you are planning an entrance for a new project or just wanting to create a new entrance for your building, Entraway has the correct solutions for you. We provide the highest quality door operators Manufactured in Sweden and brought to you by Entraway. Our staff can assist you in choosing the correct application whether it be for disabled entrance, indoor climate, high traffic zones, or access controlled areas. We have the right product for you and the best service backup and support for all our products.

Automation Products
Our product range includes, swing doors, sliding doors, 3 wing revolving doors, 2 wing revolving doors and turnstiles. Entraway can offer you a complete entrance solution that combines aesthetics, functionality, safety and security with our access control solutions. All this together provides you with the best solutions money can buy. Contact one of our representatives today for a free “no obligation” quotation or specification on your entrance.

Sliding Door Systems
]The ECdrive is able to automate sliding doors up to 120kg leaf weight and the system provides uncompromising reliability. High quality materials and the latest actuation technology ensures a premium performance. Owing to the low abrasion and self-cleaning roller carriage the system operates extremely quietly.

The Slimdrive SLT is an automatic telescopic sliding door system used for double or four-leaf doors. With the overall height of the operator at only 7cm, the Slimdrive SLT has an extremely slim design making it possible for the operator to be concealed in any façade providing designers with the freedom to design. In addition with the SLT it is possible to realise very large opening widths, up to 3600mm between vertical frames.

Uncompromising reliability the quite linear sliding door drive for high usage areas requiring high access convenience and safety.

Swing Door Systems
TSA drives for swing doors are characterised by their safe functioning and successful design. Small and light swing leaves as well as large and heavy leaves can be opened and closed safely and reliably. The systems can handle high volumes of traffic with ease.

The Slimdrive range also contains the "7 cm class" swing door drive system. Like all Slimdrive operators, it is characterised by an unchallenged low operator height of just seven centimeters and a clear design line. Slimdrive operators are particularly suited for use with slim profiles and when space is at a premium. They offer great design freedom; building specific solutions can be implemented easily.

Electromechanical swing door drive for barrier-free interior doors, for example, in hospital wards and care institutes, in assisted housing, hotels and private home applications.