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  • Intelligent distribution of templates
  • Bio-server that communicates directly with units and facilitates the bulk upload of templates
  • Supports advanced enrolment features such as:
    •   Template scoring
    •   Quality threshold configuration
    •   Print matching
    •   Editable number of captures
    •   Duplicate check (requires Safran Morpho Ident License)                
  • Central enrolment from Tagholder configuration                
  • Single database for user information                
  • AutoID of Safran Morpho units on a network
  • Enhanced upload of multiple templates to Safran Morpho readers                
  • Support for Mifare units and writing of the template to the card                
  • Buffering of offline updates

The Impro Touch module facilitates the integration and configuration of various third-party Biometric Readers for use with the IXP220 and IXP400i Software Suites. These systems currently include various Safran Morpho Fingerprint Readers integrated with the IXP220 and IXP400i via the Biometric Server software.  The Server Software also allows for the direct enrolment (registration) of Tagholders and related biometric data at those Biometric Readers from within the software.  The Impro Touch module uses a centralized database and permits the user to add, edit or delete bio-templates.
The Impro Touch module centres around the principle of a single logon approach to site management and as such, the Impro Touch module allows the user to enrol biometric templates from the Tagholder configuration screen.